Business Coaching Plans

Enhance Your Leadership and Decision-Making Skills


  • As a business owner or executive, your role is pivotal in maintaining profitability and driving growth. Navigating competitive pressures, whether from external sources or internal challenges, requires strategic thinking and robust leadership skills. I am here to coach you towards achieving these competencies with greater proficiency.

    Expert Guidance in Business Analysis and Project Management

    Leveraging extensive experience in business analysis and project management, I offer guidance tailored to your unique business context. This enables you to make informed decisions that align with your personal and organizational goals.

    Unlimited Support and Personalized Coaching

    • Email Support: Receive unlimited and exceptional support via email, ensuring constant connectivity and timely assistance.
    • Holistic Approach: Our sessions will encompass both your professional and personal life, identifying obstacles and past challenges to pave the way for future success.
    • Flexible Commitment: No binding contracts or long-term obligations are required. The commitment is to your personal growth, and our collaboration will fuel the positive changes you seek.
    • Progressive Development: As you evolve, our focus will deepen, uncovering your full potential. We’ll set actionable goals, charting paths for success in both your life and business.

    Additional Benefits and Services

    • Continuous Improvement: No matter your level of success, there is always room for enhancement. We’ll work on refining all aspects of your life and business.
    • Stable Pricing: Enjoy a consistent rate with automatic uninterrupted monthly renewal.
    • Exclusive Resources: Gain free access to a wealth of articles on personal and business development available at
    • Leadership Coaching: Learn the art of managing relationships with peers, superiors, and employees, balancing sensitivity with firmness when needed.
    • Prompt Responses: Expect a response to your emails within four hours during working days, aligned with Eastern Standard Time (EST).

Empowering Leadership and Strategic Decision-Making


  • As a business owner or executive, your key responsibilities include maintaining profitability and guiding growth. Facing external competition and internal challenges, such as peers vying for your position, can be daunting. My coaching aims to elevate your leadership skills, helping you seize opportunities and gain competitive advantages.

    Expert Guidance for Informed Decision-Making

    With extensive experience in business analysis and project management, I offer direction and advice to help you make the best business decisions, tailored to your unique situation and goals.

    Comprehensive Support for Holistic Growth

    • Unlimited Email Support: Receive unparalleled support via email, ensuring you have a dependable line of communication for your queries and needs.
    • Personal and Professional Development: We will explore various aspects of your life to identify and overcome obstacles that have impeded your progress in the past. Our goal is to set you up for future success in every facet of your life.
    • Flexible Engagement: No need for a contractual commitment. Your dedication to your own growth and our collaborative effort is what drives meaningful change.
    • Progressive and Deep-Dive Coaching: As we progress, we’ll delve deeper into discovering and nurturing your potential. Together, we will set goals and create actionable plans for taking charge of your life and business.
    • Continuous Self-Improvement: Success is a journey, not a destination. We will work on continuously improving all areas of your life and business, no matter your current level of success.
    • Guaranteed Pricing: Enjoy stable pricing with uninterrupted monthly renewal.
    • Exclusive Resource Access: Get free access to a plethora of articles on personal and business development at
    • Leadership Skills Enhancement: Learn effective strategies for interacting with peers, managers, and employees, balancing sensitivity and assertiveness as needed.
    • Prompt Email Responses: Expect a response to your emails within four hours on working days, as per Eastern Standard Time (EST).

    PLUS: Additional Phone Support

    • Enhanced Communication: In addition to the existing services, this plan includes a total of two hours (120 minutes) of phone conversations each month, logged in 10-minute increments, allowing for more in-depth and personalized discussions.