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Business coaching for owners of small and medium size businesses

  • Do you experience business or work challenges you wish to overcome with greater ease?
  • Are you looking to change direction in your business but not sure where to go?
  • Do you want to know with clarity what you want and how to get it?
  • Would you like to shift from being reactive to proactive to succeed in business and life?
  • Do you want more time to nurture yourself and others you care for?
  • A wise man once said, “If you don’t change the direction you’re going, you’re likely to end up where you’re heading.”
  • Success comes with change and renewal. Uncover the true potential of your business.
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Zion Nefesh

Zion Nefesh

Many years of experience in listening to and helping a wide range of individuals address issues in all aspects of their business and personal lives. A holistic view of a person’s life starting with the beliefs that determine their actions. Working with a system designed to observe your thoughts and block out those that may be sabotaging your efforts to achieve success.

A certified professional in project management (PMP), service management (ITIL) and Business analysis, coaching individuals and business people. Dedicated to improving systems and solving complex business challenges.